Hi. Anyone knows what I should do to repair this situation. I test the Django instalation, with:

import django django.VERSION (1,5,1,'final',0)

So, the instalation is correct and running, but I can't create a project because the command "django-admin.py startproject [projectname]" always shows the help, like following:

Microsoft Windows [Versión 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Reservados todos los derechos.

C:>django-admin.py startproject nombreproyecto Usage: django-admin.py subcommand [options] [args]

Options: -v VERBOSITY, --verbosity=VERBOSITY Verbosity level; 0=minimal output, 1=normal output, 2=verbose output, 3=very verbose output --settings=SETTINGS The Python path to a settings module, e.g. "myproject.settings.main". If this isn't provided, the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable will be used. --pythonpath=PYTHONPATH A directory to add to the Python path, e.g. "/home/djangoprojects/myproject". --traceback Print traceback on exception --version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit

Type 'django-admin.py help <subcommand>' for help on a specific subcommand.

Available subcommands:

[django] cleanup compilemessages createcachetable dbshell diffsettings dumpdata flush inspectdb loaddata makemessages runfcgi runserver shell sql sqlall sqlclear sqlcustom sqlflush sqlindexes sqlinitialdata sqlsequencereset startapp startproject syncdb test testserver validate


¿Somebody can help me?

I have Windows 7, Python 3.3.2, Django 1.5.1


asked 12 Aug '13, 23:32

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can you try this

django-admin.py startproject myproject /Users/jezdez/Code/myproject_repo


answered 13 Aug '13, 02:55

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Hi. Thanks. The command "django-admin.py startproject [projectname] /users/oscar/proyectos" showed the same response.

¿What I can do?

(15 Aug '13, 00:16) ojtoro
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